Web site tips

Following are some tips to help make your visit to SteigerRealty.com as beneficial as possible...

When you are viewing a property, a picture is displayed in the upper right corner. However, most properties have more pictures associated with them, such as other angles, interior shots, plot plans, etc. To view these other pictures, simply click on the photo on the information sheet.

If you are viewing a listing and would like to print it, the easiest way to do so is to click on the "PDF Version" link which you will find on the bottom left of every listing. This will open an Adobe PDF version of the listing, formatted to a single, letter sized sheet of paper. You may then print the PDF document. Viewing and printing PDF documents requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free from Adobe's web site here.

If you are unable to view PDF documents, you can also print a listing by clicking on the "Print this listing" link found at the bottom right of every listing. A new window will open with a printable version of the listing. Note that when using this method of printing, the listing might not fit on a single sheet of paper. Setting your text size to "smallest" and reducing your page margins as small as possible may be necessary to cause the listing to print out on a single, letter sized sheet of paper. Obviously, printing the PDF version is easier, however this method has been provided in case you are using a system which is not capable of viewing PDF documents.